We Are Looking For People Who…

  • 2016-retreat-friendsare searching for a way to expand their ministries.
  • can thrive within an ethos of trust, with minimal supervision.
  • have a ministry network (or potential network) into which they can serve.
  • have expertise in specialty areas that will allow them to bring value to the kingdom.
  • have a team of financial sponsors who will support the Paraclete mission and method.

Paraclete takes its name from the Greek word used to describe both Jesus and the Holy Spirit, meaning “one who comes alongside to help.” The come-alongside model has always been a valued discipleship tool.

Today our model is more valuable than ever.  For Paraclete, it is in our DNA. It is the only way we work, the core of our identity, and the grid we use when looking for new associates.

Paraclete Mission Group offers…

Application Process