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Jim & Arline Parris

Jim and Arline Parris are excited with their “Truth and Grace: The Transforming Gospel Tour” this year (2018). They have been to Guatemala, the Philippines and Siberia to come alongside ministry leaders. They also plan to travel to Ethiopia in November to lead training conferences with national leaders as well as individual consultations. Next year will bring more fresh opportunities to serve.

Jim and Arline know firsthand the pressures of ministry in any culture. To list a few: isolation combined with any or all the daily stresses of living (expectations imposed by self, supporters, agency and locals; raising a family; the marriage relationship; spiritual darkness; cultural adjustments; potential for team conflict).

The Parrises served overseas in pastoral ministry and leadership training for 20 years. Their 3 sons were all born and schooled in South Africa. On return to the U.S., they have been in pastoral ministry in local churches and have served for the past 7 years with Paraclete. 

Arline has worked most of these years as a nurse, parent educator, speaker, teacher and women’s ministry leader. 

Jim & Arline have been married 51 years, and have been as long in ministry. Nine grandchildren call them “Mimi and Papa.” 

Some “member care” principles, distilled:

  • “Member care is no longer an option, but strategic in our task to reach the least reached.”
  • God is as concerned with what He is doing IN you as with what He is doing THROUGH you.”
  • In missions, the days of the Lone Ranger should be behind us. 
  • Workers have many stories to tell, but not many people who will really listen.
  • We would never decide to change our car’s oil every 15,000 miles. Why do we take less pains for a real live mission worker’s maintainance? Or neglect their fuel tanks? 
  • Ministry workers are too valuable to lose, or to allow to run on empty.   
  • Pastors need pastors, too!

Theme for 2018:  “Truth and Grace: The Transforming Gospel.”
Please pray for and consider supporting the Paraclete ministry of Jim and Arline.