Who We Are

At Paraclete, we value being as much as doing. Here are a few personal characteristics that we try to bring to every encounter.

We are Broken A house church leader in Asia noticed this about associate Kathie Slusser:

“The most touching moment was when I saw the teacher (Kathie) say with tears on stage, ‘We are all broken.’ I often don’t accept the broken me and live in agony and despair. Previously I know God loves me, Jesus loves me, I have the Holy Spirit, but never like this moment. The experience is so profound–really touched! ”

We are Vulnerable and Transparent After a week-long soul care conference we heard from a missionary couple in the Dominican Republic:

“What a gift it has been to hear your words—and the words of our Lord this week!  Your authenticity and vulnerability are a real blessing.  In our experience, missionaries tend to be independent and self-reliant.  We miss out by not being vulnerable—thank you for your example!”

We are Listeners A woman in ministry in Guatemala had this to say about a Paraclete associate:

“I just wanted to thank you for listening to and holding my story. Your compassion, grace, mercy and loveliness before the Lord just showered me.

We Bring Ourselves Fully to Every Encounter And we are humbled when others want to imitate us as we imitate Jesus, as was the case for one Paraclete associate in China:

“The teachers themselves are very good examples and worth imitating. I often think, ‘I’d like to become like Sister X.’ And the teachers have brought us lots and lots of new ideas to think about, and I hope that sisters I know around me can also get some of this [these ideas]. Very helpful! “

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