What do you believe?

DSCF0166Bible teaching takes many forms in Paraclete.  Some are formal.  Others are informal.  At times those we train want to go deeper in their Christian faith.  Others are inquiring people from different traditions.  A Paraclete associate training in Europe related the following story:

While teaching a seminar entitled, “What do Christians believe”, I asked a group of Middle Eastern refugees in Europe, “how can we know that God has accepted us and that we will go to heaven?”  A gentleman quickly blurted out, “By being nice to everyone and by doing good works.”  I thanked him for his answer and said, “Let’s see what the Bible teaches.”  I taught the Gospel to a very engaging and attentive audience, and when I finished, I repeated the question.  The same man immediately raised his hand and said, “By putting our complete trust in Jesus Christ alone for salvation.”  I said, “You got it!  Do you believe this is true?”  And he said, “Yes, I do.”  He wasn’t ready to receive Christ, but he eagerly accepted an invitation to a weekly Bible study.  He asked us to send him an English Bible from America since he is fluent in English.  Upon arriving back home that is the first thing we did. 

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