Paraclete Conference and Retreat

The Paraclete community is an interesting one. Our associates live and minister far and wide, and we believe that is a good thing. So we use many methods to maintain connections within our community. Some of them are new information technologies, like email, social media and teleconferencing.

Some of the ways that we maintain community are more traditional, and one of them is happening the end of April. Associates from all across the United States, and some from other countries, are gathering in Colorado Springs for the 2015 Paraclete Conference and Retreat. It has been 18 months since we got together like this, for fellowship, rest, encouragement, networking and training. This year’s theme is Connections.

Ironically, one of the scheduled sessions for this “face-to-face” meeting is training in new information technologies that Paraclete makes available to associates. These are powerful networking, information and productivity tools that we hope will enhance associate ministries and foster relationships within Paraclete until the next time that we are able to come together for another conference.

Please pray for/with us. The logistics involved in bringing together a group of this size are considerable. Spiritual opposition is evident. Associates have experience unexpected complications with health, family, finances and ministry as they prepare for the conference. We believe that this is to be expected when God is about to do a great thing. Pray that he would lead, bless and strengthen us for renewed ministry coming alongside Christian leaders around the world.

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