Sturdivants’ Report on Ministry in Austria

Bill and Marty Sturdivant report a fruitful ministry in Austria…

Marty and I just returned late Thursday night from Europe.  This was the best trip so far in terms of ministry fruitfulness:

  • We were directly involved in leading 7 Middle Easterners to Christ
  • The team we took with us were involved in leading at least 30 people to Christ
  • We prayed for well over 100 individuals, anointing them with oil and laying hands on them
  • We washed the feet of around 20 young men from war-torn nations
  • We taught the Word of God and trained the Persian Church in ministry
  • Workers serving overseas were strengthened and encouraged
  • Marty shared her testimony with a group of Persian women and later, one lady gave her life to Christ with tears of joy and thanksgiving!  She said Marty’s testimony was the “linch-pin” that took her across the line.
  • The Church was built up, strengthened and encouraged in Word and Spirit
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