Coming Alongside in the Dominican Republic

As I write, I am returning from the Dominican Republic, where approximately 1,000 pastors, leaders and media workers gathered for the annual COICOM convention.  Along with my internal work as the CEO of Paraclete, our board allows me some time each year to come alongside kingdom workers outside of Paraclete.  This was one of those occasions.

October PhotoIt has been my privilege to serve on the COICOM board since 1996.   I’m on the left in the photo with Stan Jeter, recently retired from CBN News, and with two men we brought to COICOM from Cuba for media training.

My role with COICOM, like the role of Paraclete associates in all we do, was one of trainer, mentor and coach.  This year I gave a seminar in the Leadership track of the event on how to start a nonprofit organization.  There were 60 seminars in all, given over a three-day period.

The church in Latin America is growing rapidly.  That is the case in parts of Asia and Africa as well.  Other places where Paraclete associates serve are more resistant.  Both settings are important ministry opportunities.  Pray for discernment for Paraclete associates, as they make decisions about 2016 ministry this month.  We are all budgeting during October, and we need discernment from the Lord of the harvest.

Together in the work,


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