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Merry Christmas

This is a busy time of the year for most of us.  It’s ironic that our celebration of the coming of the Prince of Peace is not all that peaceful.  Our prayer for you this Christmas is that His peace would be your peace! Of course, His peace came to us at a high cost.  […]

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Thanksgiving with Feasting

Americans are celebrating Thanksgiving this month.  Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving on the second Monday in October.  I guess harvest comes sooner in the far north!  Many countries celebrate harvest days and times for giving thanks without calling them Thanksgiving.  Regardless of nationality, these holidays are often favorites because they carry all of the blessings of gratitude […]

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Refreshment July is prime vacation time for many.  A part of Paraclete’s ministry to the global missions community is to bring refreshment.  Many kingdom workers are in situations that make a traditional vacation difficult.  A visit from a Paraclete associate, can make all the difference in the world, like it did for this missionary couple […]

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Serving those who serve

Last month, I spent 12 days in Portugal to help host a retreat for North American women serving cross-culturally in Africa and Europe. Sixty women joined our team of thirty volunteers. They came tired, discouraged, and some, even frightened. They left encouraged, rested and renewed because they’d had a chance to worship in English with […]

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COICOM 2012 Report

Glen Volkhardt reports on COICOM 2012… I’m back and the dust is settling after a new adventure at COICOM 2012. It seems that every COICOM breaks a paradigm. Each time I participate I see something unexpected and new. I’ve been a part of these events since they began in 1992 as an informal meeting of […]

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The Case for Paraclete

The Church around the world continues expanding. In fact, Christianity’s “center of gravity” has now shifted to the Majority World – developing, non-Western countries. While only an estimated 17% of the world’s Christians lived in Africa, Asia and Latin America in 1900, the 2010 estimate is 63%.i All of this growth in terms of new […]

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