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Signs of Spring, Signs of Impact

We are beginning to hope that spring is truly here in Colorado.  After some heavy snow in late April, precipitation is now falling in the form of rain along the Front Range of the Rockies, and as I write, in early May, the low temperatures in the ten-day forecast for Colorado Springs don’t fall below […]

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New Online Giving Portal

If you are a donor, you may have noticed that our receipt has changed, and it may have arrived later than it normally does.  We apologize!  We upgraded our donation software this month, and we’re convinced that we will be able to offer you a better experience because of the upgrade.  But the transition put […]

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Upcoming Paraclete Conference

On August 21st my pastor announced that it was the first day of fall!  He meant that it was the first day of the fall semester, but I found myself mustering an internal protest, not ready for summer to end!  The classic, if not astronomical, last day of the American summer is almost upon us—Labor […]

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2016 Summary of Ministries

The Paraclete 2016 Summary of Ministries publication mailed in early August.  If you have been giving, but did not receive one, it should be in your hands in a week or so.  We missed a few donors on the first mailing and the remainder went out a few weeks later.  An electronic version is also […]

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March in Colorado

This month I’m hearing about spring.  My mother’s sunflowers are up in Florida. A friend in Idaho is seeing signs of spring.  Not so in Colorado!  Despite indicators like the beginning of Daylight Savings Time and Easter, we are still in winter here.  One delightful arrival every March in Colorado is that of the Sandhill Cranes.  […]

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Milestones like a New Year can be troubling to me. There is so much to do in the new year. There is so much I did not get done last year. Etc.! I was challenged over the holidays to renew my prayer for joy and peace, for myself and for others.  Paraclete board member, Lori Wilson, […]

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Passing of Chuck Bennett, Former Paraclete Mission Group President

On November 4, 2015—Charles “Chuck” Bennett passed away due to complications from Parkinson’s disease. He was 83 years old. Chuck’s family says his was “the fullest life you could imagine.” His work in missions extended far beyond Paraclete. After studying aviation and theology at Moody Bible Institute, Chuck joined Mission Aviation Fellowship in 1955. He […]

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Coming Alongside in the Dominican Republic

As I write, I am returning from the Dominican Republic, where approximately 1,000 pastors, leaders and media workers gathered for the annual COICOM convention.  Along with my internal work as the CEO of Paraclete, our board allows me some time each year to come alongside kingdom workers outside of Paraclete.  This was one of those […]

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Paraclete Conference and Retreat

The Paraclete community is an interesting one. Our associates live and minister far and wide, and we believe that is a good thing. So we use many methods to maintain connections within our community. Some of them are new information technologies, like email, social media and teleconferencing. Some of the ways that we maintain community […]

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Serving those who serve

Last month, I spent 12 days in Portugal to help host a retreat for North American women serving cross-culturally in Africa and Europe. Sixty women joined our team of thirty volunteers. They came tired, discouraged, and some, even frightened. They left encouraged, rested and renewed because they’d had a chance to worship in English with […]

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COICOM 2012 Report

Glen Volkhardt reports on COICOM 2012… I’m back and the dust is settling after a new adventure at COICOM 2012. It seems that every COICOM breaks a paradigm. Each time I participate I see something unexpected and new. I’ve been a part of these events since they began in 1992 as an informal meeting of […]

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The Case for Paraclete

The Church around the world continues expanding. In fact, Christianity’s “center of gravity” has now shifted to the Majority World – developing, non-Western countries. While only an estimated 17% of the world’s Christians lived in Africa, Asia and Latin America in 1900, the 2010 estimate is 63%.i All of this growth in terms of new […]

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