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Summer-time ministry

Paraclete associates remain active through the summer months. Much Paraclete ministry takes place without international travel via mentoring, teaching, training and coaching. But international ministry is a highlight for many Paraclete associates. A few who are on the road this month include: Julie Field, who is on an extended trip to Ethiopia. Last month her […]

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Paraclete Mission, Vision and Values

In their last meeting, the Paraclete Board of Directors approved updated Mission, Vision and Values statements that direct, motivate and undergird everything that we do at Paraclete.  The new statements do not reflect a big change in direction for us, just a refinement and an adjustment in the language.  Taken together, we refer to our […]

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Paraclete 2015 Retreat

Sixty Paraclete associates and board members came together in late April from all over the US and around the world at the Navigator’s Glen Eyrie Conference Grounds in Colorado Springs!  Many came fresh from international ministry.  Our theme was “Connections,” an important concept for a group that ministers so far and wide.  If you had […]

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Who We Are

At Paraclete, we value being as much as doing. Here are a few personal characteristics that we try to bring to every encounter. We are Broken A house church leader in Asia noticed this about associate Kathie Slusser: “The most touching moment was when I saw the teacher (Kathie) say with tears on stage, ‘We […]

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How we come alongside

Sometimes, the spirit of the minister is as important as the content. For Paraclete’s formal methodology, see the side panel. Here are a few highlights. With Encouragement From Nepal, after a week with missionaries one Paraclete couple got this feedback: “We love you guys! I can’t begin to express how encouraging and refreshing it was […]

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How We Serve

Evangelism Associate Carey Childrey got this encouraging word from a third-year seminary student: “Your course from two years ago helped us and me very much, sir! We have used the evangelism training to lead 50 people to Christ at the . . . Engineering College in our outreach.” Story Telling in Oral Cultures Jim and […]

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Where We Go

Paraclete associates ministered in 35 countries in 2013. I’ll highlight only two. Ukraine Most Paraclete associates reside in the U.S. and travel internationally. One Paraclete couple lives in Kiev. They got this note from a Persian man who ministers to the international community there: “I thank the Lord that He brought you… to Kiev last […]

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Serving Women

While we minister to women in every recipient category, women are the focus of some Paraclete ministries. As an example, Pat Russell heard this from the leadership of Women in Ministry: “Overall we like the curricula Pat has drawn up and expressed great appreciation for her education and experience in curriculum design which brings focus […]

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Muslim Background Believers

These dear brothers and sisters are on the cutting edge of the kingdom, regardless of their vocation. Our work with them takes place in neutral countries, often with Middle Eastern diasporas. Much of it is one-on-one. Progress is very encouraging, like this message to an associate in Eastern Europe: “You are my spiritual great-grandfather! Hamid […]

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Missionaries and Next Generation Missionaries

With our stated goal to come alongside the “global missions community,” we obviously work with a lot of missionaries. A pastor writes of associates Jim and Leta Van Meter: The Van Meters are two of the most delightful people who enter the lives of others, see their hearts and pour out in very wise and […]

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Mentoring and Coaching

In less formal settings Paraclete associates mentor, disciple and coach missionaries and kingdom workers, like this man who wrote: It is so helpful for me to discuss things with you and evaluate the different areas of my work. It helps me to see my vision and goals much clearer, to be bold and confident and […]

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Where is Julie?

Paraclete associate, Julie Field, ministers in Ethiopia. She has been working with a local group in ministry to teenaged girls. This month they received formal NGO status. Here’s what Julie wrote in a press release to other agencies working with young women. Pink Girl Ethiopia is a licensed NGO in Bahir Dar- Northern Ethiopia! We […]

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