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The Paraclete team is very thankful for those who pray and give so we can serve. Thank you for supporting this ministry that impacts lives and comes alongside ministries around the world. Please take time to read the notice below. Just as you responsibly share resources with us, we want to responsibly keep you informed of policies that impact your stewardship.

To make a donation by check, please mail your check and your preference for the ministry you would like to support to:

Paraclete Mission Group
PO Box 912576
Denver, CO 80291-2576

Notice:  Effective March 1, 2013, when you provide a check as a donation, it will constitute your authorization for Paraclete Mission Group to either use information from your check to make a one-time electronic fund transfer (EFT) from your account or to process the donation as a traditional check transaction. 


What are the advantages to converting checks to EFTs*? 

For You:

  • You may see more detailed information about the check on your bank statement.
  • Higher Security.  Our bank will destroy your check after it is converted to an EFT*.

For Paraclete:

  • The banking fees we pay are approximately half the cost of depositing a traditional check, saving kingdom money!
  • Your donation is available for ministry use a few days faster.

Is converting checks to EFTs* common practice?
Yes, EFTs* (also called ACH debits or e-checks) are more common than you may realize.  Any time you write a check and it appears in the electronic debit section of your bank statement, the payee converted it to an EFT*.  If you have ever written a check in a store and had the clerk run it through a scanner on the cash register and immediately return it to you, it was converted to an EFT*.



How will the check be listed on my bank statement? Because we process your donation as an electronic transaction, it may appear in the section of your bank statement with other electronic debits.  The description of the electronic debit includes information to help you easily identify your donation.  Bank statements typically include only the serial number, paid date, and amount for checks.  Because converted items are electronic debits, you may be able to see the payee and a description in your statement.  At right is one example of how converted check information may appear on your bank statement (content and format will vary from bank to bank). 

What happens when you convert my check to an electronic transaction?
We use information on the check and convert the check to an electronic transaction based on that information.  Electronic transactions process more efficiently than paper checks, and that helps keep Paraclete costs low and reduces our impact on the environment.

Can I get my original check back?
No.  For your protection, we destroy the original check. We present your original check for payment only once, through an ACH debit.

Does this mean you debit my account each month, and I don’t have to write a check to make another donation?
No.  This is not a recurring debit program.  We need your check to initiate each donation.  You still control the timing of a donation by donating with a check.  To set up a recurring electronic donation, without sending a check, please see (click on the Donate button) or call us at 719) 302-2500.

What authority allows you to convert my check?
Pursuant to regulatory rules (NACHA and Regulation E), the Notice at the top of this document serves as notification of our intention to clear your check electronically.

Can I place a stop payment on a converted check?
Yes.  As with any stop payment, however, you should place the stop payment with your financial institution as quickly as possible.

What happens if I use Bill Pay on my bank’s web site to make a donation?
Your bank will create a physical check and mail it to Paraclete along with your giving preference.  We will convert your bank’s check to an EFT*, and it will appear on your bank statement with your other electronic debits.

* EFT = Electronic Fund Transfer

Paraclete Mission Group
PO Box 912576
Denver, CO 80291-2576

(719) 302-2500

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